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3D printable puzzle Cube

3D Printable Rubik's cube

3D Printable Rubik’s cube

Yesterday I was looking around Grabcad’s website, which is a brilliant library for 3D models and it has an excellent engineers’ community. But what I love the most is the Challenges’ section.

Some time ago I won $100 with my “iPhone quadrotor case crazy idea” for the most creative submission. Some days ago I was really excited about a new challenge which prize is a fantastic Nokia Lumia 820. And they are giving away 10!

But, hang on a second… If the Nokia Lumia is exciting… How about a 3D printer worth $2200? Yes, my friend. And they are giving away 5! You can have a look at the challenge here.

Puzzle Cube – Cross section

So yes, I did it, I submitted my first idea, a 3D printable puzzle cube. It is not finished, I would like to have the shelled cubes, but I ran out of time (I need to sleep sometimes…). I have to say, I have never thought about “how a Rubik’s cube works” before. I had my own theories, but it was really enjoyable to design one.

The good thing about this challenges is the possibility of submit more than once, so I have already started thinking of my next submission.

I recommend you to have a look at the website, it is worth it even if you are not an engineer. Or you think you have the best idea ever for any challenge, I can help you designing it. It is always better sharing a price than not having it!

Thanks for watching :D