WakeUp – Behind the app

The new version of WakeUp Challenge is out and you probably have herd about it if you follow me on twitter.
Find here an overview video of the app I did with the help my girlfriend.

However, as I tend to use my blog as more technical-related stuff, I would like to talk about a few aspects of the app in a more technical way.

As promised, I still need to publish some tutorials about a couple of things I learnt while developing WakeUp 2.0, but I would like to take this opportunity to talk about all the small details you will find in the app and how I made them or what I used. This is not a tutorial, just an overview… or a behind the scenes… I want to let you know what I have used for the different parts, it might be helpful for some of you.
Let’s start!
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Hello world!

Hey you!

First of all thanks for stopping here, I hope you find some interesting content around.

This is my first website and I am really excited about it. I am going to do my best for keeping it updated and for posting interesting stuff.

I will talk mostly about iOS programming, but I am sure I will find some spots to talk about other things I am also interested in like raspberry pi, photography, software (mac & iOS), etc.

Last thing, I am not an english speaker. Although, I want to take the opportunity to practice, so bear with me if I make any mistake, and please do not hesitate to correct me, that will help me for sure!

Let’s go for it!