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MacHeist nanoBundle 3

Hi you,

Quick post to let you know about the latest nanoBundle from MacHeist.

I am sure you already have heard about it. I knew about it some days ago (I get an email from them, I think I bought a previous bundle). Initially I was against buying it, yes I would like to have fantastical (I tried a demo and it’s really good) but I have already wasted all my “monthly software budget” in a Cocos2D book (I will write a review about it).

The thing is, this morning while I was in the bus I was listening a podcast from @maeltj (in spanish) and he was talking about this bundle. When I pressed play I thought.. “Let’s see if he can convince me…”. And yes, he did. The magic word was: xScope

How could I missed that?? I have bought the bundle in the bus with my iPhone! I thought I was going to miss it! I think today it’s the last day. So run, ‘run like the wind’ if you want it!

From my point of view, just for xScope and Fantastical it is worth it. People also talk very good about little inferno (a game from World of Goo’s people).

You can have a look and buy it here:

Now I have to wait until tonight to try them… I will let you know how it goes!

Thanks for reading ^_^