Custom Dynamic AlertView


Last week I was part of the third Ironhack bootcamp. It was as good as always and the new ironhackers were so motivated! Good luck to all of them from here.

Whilst reviewing UIKit Dynamics, we made a brief class using this funny framework. Find here the code.

Thoughts for iOS

We are pleased to introduce Thoughts, Produkt’s first iOS own app.

We have faced (and still are) some major technical challenges along the way: we are trying to do something that we initially thought that it wasn’t even technically feasible. However, working along with Hugo and Dani couldn’t be better, and I have enjoyed developing every aspect of it. I am very proud of being part of this team.

If you would like to try the beta version, you can sign up here

We are hoping to send the first stable version very soon, and we would love to hear your thoughts.

Many thanks in advance!